Sunday, 15 April 2012

Twitcher Country at Titchwell Manor

Have just returned from a couple of days in Norfolk where we have stayed in a gorgeous boutique hotel.... a gift from my sister and brother in law, we stayed in the "Potting Shed"

Stunning!!! We had our own gas burning stove, fabulous food and company. The reason we went to this particular hotel is that it is dog friendly and this was one member of our party. Meet Rolo!!! My sister  law's dog

He had his own bed, food, bowl, walkies map and (poo) bags in the room!!!!What a happy dog and how he loved running all over the beach. Unfortunately, the weather,, though quite lovely on Thursday was pretty miserable on Friday so we were more confined to viewing the countryside mainly from the car rather than  foot though we did stop at Cley Mill which of course is a very familiar subject to all artists though I have never visited before.

This is a portrait I did of Rolo as I was just starting on my journey to loosen up, he was only a pup on both these pictures, he's three and a half now so a bit more "grown up" and is a "working cocker" bred to beat  pheasant from the hedgerow, he never stops running and is the most delightful dog you could ever meet.... well we think so as he is part of our family!!!

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