Sunday, 15 April 2012


This picture really tickled me and is another lovely pooch called Rolo, my other post of Rolo reminded me of this one, Rolo is such a great name for a dog!!! This is Gwen Card's dog, she is a fantastic artist does a lot of animal portraits and posted this image on PMP for us painters to paint. Check out Gwen's website

I really had no idea just how to approach this so didn't plan much... I know, big mistake but for me this was one which just happened and I actually liked the finished piece...... and guess what, so did Gwen!!!!!

You can imagine my surprise and pure delight when Gwen e-mailed me and asked me was it for sale.... she loved it!!!!!........ so it became my first watercolour sale and I sent it to Canada where she has it hanging amongst some of her own wonderful work...... my hubbie said I'd gone global!!!!! Rolo must be a lucky charm for me as they are both wonderful dogs and both inspired me to paint them....


  1. I remember this one Judith. Well done on your sale. Global you are! This is only the beginning!

  2. The global bit made me laugh Brian after only one sale!!!But yes I hope the beginning!!! Am going to do my first exhibition in a month. My new group exhibit once a month and though sales were brisk the for first time in Feb, things have been slower since, so not hopeful but I won't know if I don't try!!!


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