Charcoal Portraits

I do these portraits to commission so need a good photograph where the features are clear and I can zoom in on areas to see the detail. I have had to refuse several commissions because the photos weren't good enough and I am not prepared to compromise on achieving the likeness, which after all is what is expected from a portrait like this.

If you would like me to do a portrait for you please contact me via my e-mail or leave a note for me on one of the pages.

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  1. Hi Judith,you have a lovely gallery, and are developing a great loose style with the watercolours. The Brusho paintings are so vibrant and interesting too. I especially like all your animal paintings (I love elephants and your elephants #21 is great!) Many of your landscapes are also beautifully painted, especially 2,8,10, 11, and 13. Well done, happy painting! Anna


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