Monday, 6 August 2018

A Beautiful New Addition

We have some wonderful news!! Our son and daughter in law have just had the most beautiful baby boy, named Fletcher Hampson Farnworth. He was just over 3 weeks early and after a couple of little hiccups is now home and doing really well.

My son and his business partner have recently opened a business blending and selling speciality lattes and they are known as Blendsmiths and this is how they introduced the new addition to the Blendsmith's family

I had decided to do a little bit of artwork for the nursery and as my daughter in law comes originally from South Africa and her parents from Zimbabwe, I thought an African animal theme would be appropriate. I found 3 images on Paint my Photo which I felt would be suitable and in the end  as I loved them all and couldn't decide which to paint, I did all 3 and framed them vertically as a triptych.

As I wanted them to be a series and framed together I decided to use the same palette for all 3...this is a very useful tool to create unity within a body of work (we might normally think of unity being within a single painting but for different paintings to be perceived as being related it also works) and in this case the choice of subject matter also holds the series together.

Photo by Janina Suuronen

Photo by Edmund Williams

 Photo by Gary Jones

Although I had completed the paintings in plenty of time...the early arrival caught me out and there was a mad frantic rush to get them framed ready for the baby coming home!!

This was most truly a labour of love not only for my grandson but also for my son and daughter in law and I hope they like them as much as I loved doing them!!