Thursday, 19 April 2012

Bandouille Dome

This was my version of the doors we did as a loose exercise. As you can see I don't take much notice of the colours I see, I like to do my own more colourful versions and am also learning that tone is equally if not more important than colour in creating a painting with impact so that is what I am trying to concentrate on in my work now. I really love old doors, have a few in my painting list to do and the more dilapidated and rusty the better!!

This photo is taken from a lovely place where they hold painting holidays amongst other things. The hosts, Bix and Drew have been renovating this old monastery in France and from what I can see from their website and the testimonials it is a pretty idyllic place to visit attracting artists such as Keiko Tanebo to hold workshops there.

Here is a link to their website

They also do fishing holidays and you will find links to the other activities and their blog within the site above. Check it out......... you never know,  it might be just the sort of holiday you 're looking for...... looks like a painter's paradise!!!

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