Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Thorngarth Country Guest House

I first did a painting of Thorngarth House in 2007 and was really pleased even though my son said it looked like a child had done it!!! Anyway the owners displayed it in the hall of their lovely guest house for the next few years, until I had improved a bit and decided to have another go.....I had become so embarrassed with the previous one so this was the next version which I did last year.

The owners of the Guest House are Dave and Sally Gregory, parents of our son's girlfriend, they are fantastic hosts, the food and accommodation is top class and they get lots of repeat guests, always a good sign. The website is

Check their reviews on Trip Advisor... you will be impressed!!!

Anyway back to the painting.... Sally very kindly invited us to spend Mother's day with them last year, our son and their daughter did all the cooking for us, and  it seemed a good opportunity to redo the painting, frame the new one and whip the old one off the wall before they had chance to say anything... Sally said she had actually grown quite attached to the old one but it seriously wasn't doing my credibility as a potential "artist" (I use the word very loosely here!!!) any good at all...... the new one is now in place and the old is a serious reminder to me of how not to paint something!!!

Check out Dave and Sally's website and if you are interested in a few days in either the Yorkshire Dales or the Lake District, you will go a long way to beat the warmth, food, hospitality and comfort of Thorngarth Country Guest House!!!!

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  1. Hello Judith, both version one and version two of your painting do justice to Thorngarth Country Guest House. This picture hangs proudly in our entrance hall for all to see and admire and has drawn many favorable comments from our guests. Keep up the fantastically good work. Love Dave & sally


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