1. Judith what a lovely group of watercolors. I like the sparsity and the restraint and your choice of flowers--more grass-like than the huge luscious bloomers normally seen. I might have to give your method a try after my portraiture workshop with oils adventure.

    I liked your charcoal portraits as well. You show restraint there too; restraint is not one of my attributes I'm afraid. It may be though after next week;)

    I also like the way you've broken up your blog; excellent idea for organization. I'm glad I came to visit. I'll be back.

  2. I think the restraint bit is something I have also had to learn Linda... the portraits need to be accurate and this seems to be what people like but the watercolours have been a different matter. My natural tendency is to slap the paint on with little regard for accuracy and form but it is a very fine line then between a successful loose painting and one which simply looks sloppy and amateurish... I have learned a lot from Jean Haines http://www.jeanhaines.com/ who paints in a beautiful loose way and she actually practises great restraint and has said I need to rein myself in!!! Who am I to argue!!! Thanks for the lovely comments and encouragement Linda, really appreciate it!

  3. Jennifer Collier23 April 2013 at 04:41

    Judith I love these watercolours simple but very beautiful. It's the kind of style I'm trying to achieve. I've rediscovered painting now that I'm retired I get excited at simply watching the watercolour mix on the paper. I'm glad I discovered your blog as I'm finding it very interesting. Looking forward to using Brusho too, I'm just waiting for Joanne's dvd to come out.

  4. Thanks you so much Jennifer, lovely of you to comment. I get so excited too as you will have gathered if you have read parts of my blog..... it is such a treat watching the colours mix and the magic happening, and you will love the Brusho too, it is amazing!!

  5. Judith, I especially liked your florals...nice work.

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