Brusho Paintings


  1. Hi Judith!
    I recognised you from Northern Artists on Facebook, which is how I came about your new website and blog. Congratulations from a fellow technophobic! Quite an ordeal I must say for the likes of us! I've yet to follow suit but don't feel quite ready as yet....I haven't even posted any of my work on NA. I'm very internet- shy!
    I like the simplicity of your website and some of your paintings.
    I particularly like 2 of the life paintings (nudes) you display - the 'sepia' standing pose, and the 'blue' seated one. The definition with the simple but direct, dark lines works really well. And I like the way you've allowed the drips to occur without erasing them.
    I'm not surprised you've sold 'Venice' and Lindesfarne'. Both are beautiful. Again I think the way you've used stark contrasts with large areas of the composition very light or dark really works. Sometimes I think 'less is more' works best when it comes to artwork, at least in my experience. But then maybe that's because it's an approach I'm trying to work on at the moment. My tendency is to get too bogged down with the detail very early on in the process and this is a 'pattern' I'm trying to break free from.
    I'm intrigued by 'Brusho' too. I have to admit this is the first time I've heard of it and I'm wondering what it's all about....
    I love some of the flower paintings. The 'sea holly's' and poppy's are lovely. Seeing them has inspired me to start painting flowers again - something I haven't done for a long time and now I'm getting the cravings!!! Particularly as I have a jug of peonies in my sitting room staring right at me just now!
    And your animals - not a subject I've ever taken up really myself in terms of artwork, but I love the ostrich (amongst one or two others). You've certainly captured its haughty quirky character!
    Anyway, time for me to be off and get something done today myself! Though I'm working mainly with felting and life drawing at the moment.
    I wish you all the best with the new site!
    Happy painting!

  2. Wow Joyce thanks for all that!! So lovely of you to take the tine and leave such a fab comment!! There are a lot of blogs on here relating to Brusho and the link to Brusho Secrets is on the review I did on the DVD and book..... you would be able see the prices and options to purchase if you fancied having a go. The nudes you mention have been done with Brusho and if you go to Joanne Boon Thomas' website you will see a lot of wonderful Brusho paintings there. I do hope you pluck up the courage to post a few things in the group the little community is very supportive and you will wonder what you worried about!! As for getting bogged down with detail the secret is to add detail then wash it away let it dry, and go in again.... but by bit you will get some detail building up but because you keep washing it away you keep it looking loose and fresh!!

  3. I must say I am truly impressed..long time but I knew you would get here..I am so pleased for you and your work is outstanding..Foxfyre :) I will touch base with you soon :)

  4. Hi Judith,

    I've only recently started experimenting with Brusho paints (I saw them first in the SAA shop and hadn't heard of them before!) but I love the vibrancy of the colours and the looseness with which you can work with them. My students have also fallen in love with Brusho after using mine and have ordered their own. Your work is lovely and really shows what can be achieved with these paints - I'm particularly interested in your life studies as I'll be attending a week long life-drawing course next week and intend trying out my brusho paints there to see what effects I can get (maybe combining them with pen & ink). Anyway Judith, thanks so much for your inspiration!


    Val Howlett-Evans

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