Thursday, 5 April 2012

I did this after watching an Arnold Lowrey video... really easy to follow and more importantly I can do this again by following his easy techniques and also apply it to other subjects. My version is a lot more colourful that his but as I continue with this blog, you will see that is part of my style, I never seem to be able to tone anything down... me and subtle simply don't get on!!!


  1. So glad that you have started a blog, Judith - exciting to hear about your new art ventures - am sure that you will continue to encourage and inspire many, as you have already done for so many people, myself included. Looking forward to watching your journey progress and grow into so much more - here's to many more beautiful paintings! Dawn

  2. Thank you so much for the encouragement Dawn, there are lots of exciting things happening at the moment and am enjoying every minute. Once I finish work I might even get to paint every day....... bliss!!!!!

    Am humbled and delighted to think what I have been doing might have inspired you...... the loose group has been a fantastic vehicle for me to indulge in this passion to my heart's content, chatting about it (sometimes too much as I could bore for England on this subject!!!!) posting my paintings, seeing other people develop and grow (you being an absolute prime example of that!!), learning from the feedback in the "co-operative" environment we have created, it is definitely a two way reciprocal thing with many fine artists sharing what they know and have learned. Win, win for everyone I would say.

    Have enjoyed having a dip into you world too Dawn and will now be following life and times in China, fascinating!!!


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