Still Life


  1. Itt jártam,csodáltalak, és szeretem az új stílusodat, szeretek tanulni Tőled. Sok sikert kívánok Elisabet Handa..

  2. Hi Judith: I love your work. I saw the red high heels with jeans painting and it reminded me that I thought I'd seen it online recently (possibly FB)with the comment that it was part of a demo. Is this your demo and, if so, can I purchase it somewhere. Thanks for any info you can provide.

    1. Hi Louise..many thanks for your kind words...yes you may have seen the red shoes on fb...a better version than the one here but no I don’t have an online demo of it...maybe I was referring to doing it live at an art group? I could do a step by step of it though it’s about 4 years ago since I did that Painting so may not turn out quite the same lol!


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