Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Nearly there...day 25,26,27

Bit of a miscellany today, one finished from yesterday, one a practice for a bigger piece and another piece of equipment.

I have been challenged by a student from a group to do a landscape at my next visit, so  not wanting to be  a kiljoy thought I had better start practising getting some techniques ready for doing foreground, wide expanses of grass etc, so this first painting is a mix of using different technique for applying paint to the paper.. mixing on the brush and dropping water in to let things happen on the paper, so not a proper painting just a play!!

Next is a another practice for a bigger painting of Venice as I have quite a few images from our time there and want to do some possible as a series... I like the zoomed in look of this and may use that sort of composition rather than a full panoramic view... my intent was to capture light and create some interesting mixes in the dome. I like how this one is looking and will use what I've learned for a bigger painting.

Finally another brush.... a large wash brush, almost like a decorator's brush my Dad gave me when he gave up on his ideas of doing more painting... he came with me to a few of the evening classes I attended a few years ago but never had the enthusiasm for it that I did though he is an excellent drawer!!

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  1. I've really enjoyed following your 30 days so far. You must be pleased with what you have done

    1. Yes I am thanks Polly... I have felt under pressure at times to complete something and I haven't been able to paint every day which I suppose is the real purpose of the challenge but am thankfully a fast painter so make up for it on the days I do paint!! I think if I were to do it again I would get a bit more organised and have some subjects planned at least in my mind so I am not spending time wondering what subject to try next!!

  2. I've been following too, and have enjoyed looking at all your art.

    1. Thanks Maggie for taking the time to comment.... it certainly makes you focus and paint when maybe you might not have found the time...I feel I have produced a very mixed bag of work here.....such a range of subjects and maybe if I did this again I would try and pay more attention to my subject matter. I do like painting the every day subjects as they can be quick and effective but knowing me I will no doubt produce another eclectic mix like this!!


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