Thursday, 30 January 2014

Day 28

Spent some time at my art group last night working on getting some skin tones for the portraits which we are doing at my next art group.. people seem to have difficulty but they are generally a mix of red yellow and blue in varying proportions and degrees of warmth and cold and so we will be working on that next time.

I then decided to do this painting which took longer to draw than paint!! I seem to remember doing this once before and not sure I even drew it but the angle of the legs and feet are quite difficult so I thought drawing was the best option. I have added a few finishing touches you can see some of the paint is still wet!!

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Image courtesy of Papertree on PMP


  1. Judith, even thought you did an initial drawing it is so free. Did you sketch from imagination, photo or life?

  2. Hi Maggie it was from a photo... I do draw and paint quickly so I guess my work does tend to look a bit sketchy!! And I'm not good at staying in the lines either!! Wherever possible I try not to draw.. only because I can't wait to start painting but I think my drawing style is quite sloppy anyway unless I am doing a portrait and then I have to rein myself in a bit!!


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