Sunday, 19 January 2014

More Brusho, a Landscape ( and Day 16,17,18 and 19)

The first post is a landscape I have tried a couple of times before. I ran a mixing greens workshop so although the image wasn't one I would have normally painted I used it for the purposes of the workshop so that the group could have a go at mixing a host of different greens and put into practice the theory we had been working on.....this time however I wanted to try and get a feel for the distance... lots of improvements to be made with landscapes - am aiming for a textured feel but trying to keep it loose.

Think I need to work on the recession a bit more, but am liking the colour mixing.

Now more Brusho!!  In Joanne's book and Dvd there is an exercise on a tree and though I haven't referred to it for the next two I have used the techniques and two different palettes so the first is lemon yellow, Ub, dark brown and leaf green and the second is turquoise, lemon yellow, dark brown and purple.

Final brusho was just an exercise to do a single foxglove flower and try to get a bit more texture.... big guns came out for this with wax and bleach!!

Would lose a few more edges next time and maybe do a full painting with the addition of another colour... just two in this, leaf green and brilliant red. Am liking the textures on this but a bit too small to get some really big areas of texture so onto bigger paper next!!

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  1. Nice little Brusho studies, my Brusho still sits dormant in the cupboard, will take the plunge one day

  2. I really like the range of effects that can be achieved with Brusho, but find it hard to stop the colours being too bright when trying to work lighter. I think you got the balance just right & love the foliage on the top tree!

  3. I'll be getting out the Brusho in Feb - once this 30 day challenge is over - look at you all up to date with it! I'm really enjoying seeing what everyone is coming up with each day - well not everybody as there are over 400 but trying to keep up with a few! All great especially the landscape!


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