Monday, 28 October 2013

Workshop at "The Wheatsheaf"

This workshop has been in the pipeline since May when we met Tony and Kathryn Marshall, landlord and lady at The Wheatsheaf, Thurcaston, on our holiday at Lopud Island. I had run a little painting session with Kathryn on one of the rainy days and she invited me to do something at their pub.

They do have a lot of different things going on with a host of "special evenings" offering exceptionally good value and quality food and have a "skittle room" where they hold all sorts of different events and where we held the workshop.

The workshop was really enjoyable with mainly beginners and they produced some terrific little studies seeming to get the "gist" of what I was trying to teach them.....I was particularly pleased when a couple of ladies said they had always wanted to try painting and had felt slightly afraid to try... I had made them realise it is all about playing with the paint and enjoying the process rather than needing to produce a masterpiece every time...

They also asked me about running a two day course which having had a chat with Kathryn, I will be doing..... I will share more details on here when we finalise a date but we are looking to possibly late Feb or early March. If you are interested please let me know as there will be a few people from the workshop  who I think will book and numbers would be limited to 12.

We carried on our journey after the workshop to visit my sister in law near Milton Keynes where we have had a lovely relaxing weekend and returned yesterday to be entertained with a super meal at my son's! All in all a great short break!! Did some clothes shopping in Buckingham too.....

I would also like to say a huge thank you to Kathryn for lunch, for providing the venue and for the refreshments which were available thoughout the afternoon.....


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