Thursday, 17 October 2013

2013 Xmas Cards

I think these are my final cards. I have done another 3 today as I wasn't altogether satisfied with the ones I had done previously and decided to stick with my animal theme.

Photo by Paul Sherman
 Photo by John Robinson
 Photo by Chrissy M
 Photo by Steve Gibbs
Photo by Caroline Yealey


  1. Lovely collection, Judith.

  2. They are all great. I would have difficulty trying to deciding a favorite. Very Christmasy and the colors are crisp yet you achieved a nice loose style with lost and found edges.

  3. A happy Christmas collection Judith

  4. I love them all - I also love how - for the most part you've used non-traditional Christmassy animals and yet made them feel so Christmassy :)

  5. Superb Judith! I would love to receive one (do you have my address? :)


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