Friday, 22 June 2012

Am I a Rocker!!!!

The first painting here was the start of my group wanting me to do a session for them. The two ladies who ran the group would sometimes bring things in for us to paint....... this topic was still life and this was one of the subjects. As often happens I did have a false start and then managed this as I got to know my way around the subject

When she saw this Ruth said she really liked how I did things (everyone seems to like loose watercolour painting) and would I be interested in running a session for them...... I said yes immediately and then thought about it...... yikes what had I let myself in for!!!! Anyway I had lots of time to mull it over and decide what I was going to do which I will cover in another blog.

In the meantime as I had quite liked doing the chair thought I would do our own rocking chair and also posted it as an image in the group.  The one above as far as I remember I did draw but this next one was straight in with the paint. We bought this chair before we got married and I still love it, it looked so lovely in the small cottage we had at the time and still sits in our hall today.

I like the colours in both these and enjoyed painting them and may never have thought of chairs as subjects had it not been for the group. I might do these differently now but I still look back on these with affection as at the time they were a bit of a breakthrough and of course prompted Ruth to ask me about doing a workshop and then on to running the group, so quite a turning point!!


  1. Love your chairs...yummy edges:)

  2. Great post and I remember doing these in the Loose Group. It was one of my first paintings that worked in a loose style after your wonderful instruction. I've been a loosie ever since thanks to you. Take care. Laura x

  3. Thanks Cynthia, that's partly what painting in this style is about isn't it... losing the edges, just so tricky knowing where and when.....

    Aw thanks Laura, as I've said before you were your own biggest teacher, you've had the desire and that is what has brought you to where you are....quite honestly that is what it takes!!!!


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