Monday, 25 June 2012

Am now a WAG!!!!!

Whooops typo error there........ should read am now "AT" WAG (stands for Westhoughton Art Group), being married to a retired banker hardly qualifies me as a WAG!! Anyway I was invited to do a workshop on Loose Watercolour Painting by Dave Hendry at his lovely group in Westhoughton this morning. Dave was known to me from      

 I Draw and Paint

an on-line community for we budding artists where I have been a member for a good number of years. He sent an e-mail letting us know about his art group and I sent him a message asking did he want anyone to do a workshop. As some of you will know from previous blogs, I have recently retired and want to concentrate more on my art now and although I am still very new to this,  I love doing workshops and Dave was good enough to take a chance on me and offer me the opportunity to go to his group and run one there.

So WAG...... what a great group of people, still only a small group but run very co-operatively which many of you will know is also my way of doing things and I was again made to feel so welcome and wanted!!! Am not sure if it is something to do with this lovely hobby of ours but I have yet to meet anyone I don't like in these groups, the love of painting seems to transcend a lot of barriers and brings like minded people together and so it was at Westhoughton Art Group.

Dave really inspires a spirit of enjoyment here and I was so delighted to learn that everyone seemed to have enjoyed my session. As I am still new to all this, feedback both positive and negative is so important to me as I want to learn and get better. I am so enthusiastic about watercolour that I really want to convey this in these workshops but I also want people to get something out of them and to feel like they have learned a bit as well.

I was especially pleased about a couple of things, firstly one or two members asked Dave to invite me back which is always a good sign and secondly one lady said she had been on the verge of giving up watercolour and coming along today had made her change her mind and  another lady who was visiting her daughter may now be inspired to pick up her brushes and have a go, not having painted since she was at school. That's what this is all about..........getting the message across that it can all be learned, we just have to be shown how and then have the desire to practice.

So big thank you WAG, I really enjoyed the morning and will look forward to paying you all another visit in October.


  1. Ahaha! I did wonder at the title!

    I too have found people in the art & craft community - especially online - to be amazing. I wish I knew more people locally like this.

    I'll definitely check out I Draw And Paint - thanks for the link :)

  2. Fantastic! You are really moving ahead with your Art Judith.

  3. Well done you WAG you! Fantastic to hear that you are inspiring people. Wonderful!

  4. Hi Carmen the site I use a lot more now is Paint my Photo

    You will see at the top there are some links to groups and I run the loose group there.

    The ethos of the site if for photographers, amateur and pros to post their photos for artists to paint without any copyright issues, permission is given by posting. I have been running the group for nearly a year now though I don't spend as much time as I used to as I am finding trying to promote my art in other areas, doing workshops and exhibitions is taking up quite bit of time. Thanks for your comments.

  5. Thanks Roy... am doing my best!!! I really do enjoy the workshops, especially when I feel I have actually helped someone with something.... gives me a real "buzz!!"

  6. Hi Brian had an e-mail with a comment but doesn't seem to be here though am sure it will turn up somewhere..... I really hope I am inspiring people, I am getting some lovely positive feedback, someone said to me yesterday... "You make it look so easy!!!!" Me!!! But I guess compared to how I was yes it does look easy and the more I do I definitely get a much better feel for the water and the paint so it must have got to look easy without me noticing!!!

  7. Hi Judith
    since your visit to Westhoughton Art Group yesterday I have had a number of members tell me how much they enjoyed it. It's clear that you have a love for the subject and it shines through to inspire others. We look forward to seeing you again later in the year. Isn't it strange how something always looks easy at about the same time as you practice a lot.

    Keep up the fab work

    Dave Hendry - WAG

  8. Thanks Dave, as I said I am so grateful to you for giving me the chance...... and so pleased I came up with the goods!!! Am delighted to hear that the members enjoyed, it certainly gives me confidence that I am heading in the right direction and also confidence to approach other groups too, with the knowledge that I have something to share and they will also learn something


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