Friday, 23 January 2015

Archie on his hoildays!!

My son took this photo of our little grandpup, Archie the cocker spaniel, when they were away in Cornwall in October... I loved it and decided to have a go... 15x22, half imperial

I moved the rock to the left and put him to the right and looking at this now think maybe I should have created a bit more light in the sky... images really hit you online whereas the printed version which I've been working from didn't have the same impact... anyway I decided to create a bit of a moody sky but not pay it too much attention

Limited palette again

Alizarin Crimson
Raw Sienna
Burnt Sienna

When I saw this on screen I felt the rocks were competing for attention with Archie... the white spots and texture needed toning down so I went back to it and also added  bit more tone to Archie. I cropped it slightly too and I think I will do this again and try to make Archie a bigger focus in the composition (someone suggested I raise him in the composition and paint him more against the sky rather then the rocks which I think would work)

I do think this has improved the composition and Archie's place within it.... I have learned a lot from this painting and feel keen to try it again knowing what I know now....


  1. I like the changes Judith, it is a hard one as the dogs colour and rocks are so similar but a beautiful image so worth the perseverence

  2. Good painting and good ideas to change the composition from the photo - I do agree that Archie should be the star so making him bigger in the painting will do that. I like the added reds - he's a beauty!!!

  3. Is je goed gelukt knap stukje werk Judith lieve groetjes Danielle

  4. What a striking image. Both the photo and the painting. I love how you talk through your thought process and am looking forward to seeing Archie again :D


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