Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Jean's Influence

Was thinking of entering an SAA competition, they post a photo and invite members to paint so this month was a seascape with a boat. Haven't done many seascapes, then I remembered seeing some landscape paintings Jean Haines had done on one of her master classes which she posted on her blog and on facebook and so have taken inspiration to do this. This is the link

I have been practising the washes Jean does as warm ups, they are not as easy as she makes them look!!! It is quite tricky getting the texture and variation in them, so studied one of hers closely and tried to do the same!!!

I think Jean would definitely say this isn't finished so am letting it sit in my art room and will keep going back to it to see what it might need... the composition isn't right, too uniformly diagonal cross the foreground and not enough interest so will probably have a go at doing something about that. Not worried if I ruin it, there is a painting on the back and it was just a practice, though I do like the sky and parts of the foreground, might have a go with some cling film next time as Jean did in the class.

Leave me a comment if you see anything I could do with it, having been to one of Jean's workshops I now know that most of my paintings aren't finished, and I know I need to work on them for longer and need to be a lot more patient!!!


  1. Looking good to me...How about trying some of that watercolour pencil dust maybe 3 colours of similar hue on the sand...not too much into a damp area!

  2. How do I get the dust, just use some sandpaper or something? Have got some watercolour pencils in fact 2 lots at least!!! All the gear no idea springs to mind!!! Thanks B.

  3. Looking good to me too. Loving the new you with your landscapes. Though maybe just soften the flecks a little as they are looking like snowflakes rather than being integrated with the painting. Possibly caused by the hard edges especially in the sky area. Try one and see how it goes. On the whole great stuff though...

  4. Judith, the texture and movement in this is wonderful, but the blankness inthe lower left corner really bothers me. Bix's suggestion sounds like a possibility. thinking what I might do is some spatter to break it up a bit. Anxious to see what you end up doing with it!

  5. Like it! Agree with Laura about the flecks with the hard edges - on her latest DVD, Jean seems to make a big thing about brushing over the white bits, even if it's just the brush with water. I like the blank area - maybe just needs to be a bit more gradual. D


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