Saturday, 26 May 2012

Success at Exhibition!!!

Well I think it was a success!!!

Sold two paintings to the same delightful lady who seemed to love my work... did wonders for my ego!! One was from my folder

The famous clown Emmet Kelly, done as an image for the loose group on

Paint my Photo

and the other was one of the nudes I did, this was framed but the lady was buying it for a friend who was visiting from Canada and thought it would be better without the frame for ease of transport back to Canada.

I am really pleased to have sold something, the footfall again wasn't too good and as it has been such a glorious day am sure a lot of people have kept away.... who can blame them??

I did make one or two more contacts and gave my name to a local art group who may be interested in me doing a workshop for them. I also met a young artist named Liam Dickinson...... this is his website

He is trying to make a living as a professional artist but works at Tesco at the weekends to supplement his income, he does wonderful portraits and has just ventured into the world of IPAD drawings. He also has quite  few demos on you tube.... check this one out.... Alan Sugar, painted in......guess what?  Sugar!!!!!

Alan Sugar Speed Painting

So all in all a good day for me, met some lovely people and though I didn't make a fortune always feels good to have someone like your work enough to actually buy it....... thank you Linda!!!


  1. Congratulations Judith. How exciting!

  2. Thank you both.... it is a start and the thing I was most pleased about is that I got a lot of positive feedback. One gentleman and his wife in particular seemed to like what I had done, he was a lovely artist and does demonstrations so although he was shall we say, somewhat older than me, he was also a lot more experienced and gave me a lot of encouragement... yes a good day!!!

  3. Excellent news Judith. Really pleased for you.

  4. Thanks Laura..... onwards and upwards!!!

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