Wednesday, 14 September 2016

My Life in the Farnworth Household

Have come on to give you all a sneaky update about life in the Farnworth household.

I have had another little spell at the puppy trainers while my humans went to see their "son?" in Switzerland... now forgive me. but I thought that was my position so who this other imposter is I have no idea... there is also often talk of "another one" too, Chris they call him so am a little confused!!

Anyway all went well once again and I think everyone is getting a little happier with me.

Now as you may all have gathered I am a little obsessed with other dogs... absolutely love 'em and my humans say I don't have any radar for which ones are going to like me too (not a clue what all that means, I just see a dog and I'm in there!!)....anyway I was out in one of my favourite places last week when we came upon two dogs and I heard someone say something about Oh he's not too friendly but ok with spaniels, well that's all I needed and I bounded up to him and nearly had my head bitten off!! Well slight exaggeration but this pooch had hold of my head and I was waiting to see all the blood running down my face (nothing happened on that score but I did cry!!). My male human was about to kick this rather insistent dog away when he let go and I then got lots of treats from my own humans and the other minder....dogs like that should be muzzled I heard them say and I nodded in agreement, though not too hard as I was developing a bit of a headache!!

My head was swollen for a day or two and the sympathy and fuss I got almost made it worthwhile.....I was fine and didn't need the vets though I know they kept a close eye on me and I did have a couple of scabs on my head but they were quite small and am sure they won't scar me for life and affect my handsome looks!!

We then had another weekend away... I thought "Aye aye" as I saw them packing suitcases yet again, "What are they up to now?" so I followed them everywhere and even jumped in one of the cases... they weren't leaving me again, that was for sure!! So on Thursday evening we set off in the car for a fairly long journey but I did sleep most of the journey as I was fair worn out from my walkies that day. We arrived at somewhere I vaguely recognised but more importantly could smell the presence of another pooch whom I haven't seen for a while... my cousin cup ranneth over, a weekend with a family member (well by association and my human and his being related!!).

My humans then went off for a day and I was left with my "Auntie," for sure one of my favourite humans... she takes me for lots of walks and Rolo and I rampage around the countryside noses down tails wagging madly until we find an interesting smell. Well to be honest they're all madly interesting to me as my sense of smell isn't very sophisticated yet but Rolo seems rather more discerning and I kept hearing pheasant this, pheasant that... now what on earth is a pheasant? If it moves I chase it, bird, rabbit though I know I'm not meant to chase sheep and horses and especially not ducks in the reservoir!!

I've also had my first grooming session since we came home....not much chopped off just a little tidying up and against all the odds and predictions I behaved meticulously! I really liked her, she's called "Curly Tails" and we played, had some treats, a bath, blow dry and I even nearly nodded off while she was doing my certainly is a dog's life!

I was also attacked yet again, this time by a huge black labrador, only young like me and a rescue dog... well it was me that needed rescuing that day I can tell you!! He had me by the nose and I was hanging on for dear life!  Got a little puncture wound on the top of my humans said they hoped I would be learning to be a little more cautious before approaching other dogs, but most of the dogs I meet are really playful and friendly and who can resist me anyway.......

See how neatly I sit with my paws?

Are you coming to play?
Ok enough......I'm coming to get you!!

I have heard I am having another little holiday at my trainers... he called the other evening with my food and I simply sat lovingly at his feet until he could not ignore me a minute longer and had to submit to my doggy charms.....I have to say I don't have to try hard before they all succumb.

We have since been on another holiday where I was let out of my crate at night.... yippeeee!! I was a really good boy and slept in my bed by them, almost all night and the only thing which they didn't seem pleased about was when they let me out of the car and it was my downright duty to chase the free range chickens which were roaming the grounds of our new home for a few days.... Chester the chicken chaser I am now known as... well I just wanted to play having been "couped up" (get it??) during the long journey to the far North East of England and as my female human rightly said I would have had my lead on if they had known chickens were going to be around, I mean if it moves I chase... that's my motto!!

The other mishap I've had was at another of my favourite human's my other Auntie's where we went for dinner last week... well they had some interesting chicken but I seemed to have just my usual....this hard kibble they seem intent on feeding me... tastes vaguely of salmon and potato (not that I've ever eaten salmon and potato). Anyway as I was on lookout, I saw them throwing some dellliiiccious chicken bones into the bin and while they were all chatting and not paying me any attention I spied my moment and I was in there like a shot.... they were sooo good!! Well after that there seemed to be a lot of talk about ringing vets, watching when I poo (I mean can a dog have no privacy?!!?), looking for me going listless (no idea what that meant) and if dogs can pick up vibes and nerves I was getting them in bin loads....well they kept looking at me and seemed very interested in my excrement... disgusting it was to watch her examining for hard pieces of bone and blood. Anyway they seemed to settle down again after a couple of days and finally life seems back to normal though we seem to have had a lot of people staying recently, no idea who they all were but I did enjoy all the attention as they all seemed totally charmed... modest forbids but I do think they all fell in love...can't blame them really... I am just sooo cute!!

So I think that just about brings you up to date with life here at the Farnworths....will love you and leave you and get ready to start writing my next instalment.......


  1. Hi Judy! Live reading of Chester's adventures! He's such sweetie......and a beautiful dog. Just like another child, don't you think?! Great idea to have Chester write your blogs......what a huge timesaver for you!

    1. It is such a time saver except I struggle to get him off the computer when I need to use it lol!! It is worse than a child I can tell you.....he is so full of personality and mischief, and such a bright boy but rather wilful too!! He's nearly 18 months old so will soon be entering his teenage years....what fun!!


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