Monday, 15 June 2015

First of Many?

Oh I've enjoyed this one!! And all because of the work the students was real joy to watch as I could actually see them develop during the session, as they embraced the techniques and began to see their painting through fresh eyes.

I got there bright and early to set up my stall and the students started to arrive... all 18 of them. The workshop was held at one of my favourite venues, A community centre in Wigan called Sunshine House. The room is bright and inviting as is the centre manager Barbara Nettleton and her staff. I have run quite a few courses there now and am always stuck by the powerful community spirit I always feel when I am there.

I always have to do a little bit about how I paint even if there are students who have been before as the new ones need to get a feel for what my sessions are about.

We then had a go at some feathers which I had found in the woodland at Patchings.. I do always like to take something for the students to paint from life even if it was only some feathers. With this workshop any other working from life would have been tricky!!

I then painted eyes, noses and showed them how to do different types of fur depending on the animal. After lunch the students then chose an image to paint either from my selection or some brought an image of their own.

Everyone seemed really happy with what they produced and they all really embraced the techniques and way of painting....I am always surprised by how few students mix paint on the paper but I have hopefully given them the tools now to work with at home.

Here is a selection of work.....

I really love workshops like this where the students produce such a variety of work using the skills and techniques I've taught them and most thrilling thing for me as a tutor, is when pupils get light bulb moments and really get what I am talking about. I demonstrate everything so they can see the effects and as I suffered from not seeing tutors demonstrate in the early part of my painting journey I feel really strongly that my students should benefit from seeing......seeing is believing!! So this was my first animal workshop and I'm sure I will be running more as it was a really fantastic day all round!!


  1. What a great selection Judith. Your enthusiasm glows through when I read your blog, and must rub off on the students. A tutor after my own heart. Show them how to do it! Hope you have many more successful workshops.

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment Polly as I know you have studied with the best!! I just can't help myself....I keep wondering if one day I will lose the enthusiasm but it isn't waning in the slightest yet!!


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