Friday, 11 July 2014

The Lonely Photographer


I have had this in my "to do" list for a while and as the photographer John Robinson is now adding to his series  "The Lonely Photographer", so thought I had better get going!!

I liked the light on this image plus the mystery and the thoughts of where he is going and where he's been.

As some of you will know I like back images especially of need to worry about a likeness so I just had to decide on my palette for this one.

I knew I would need a good dark so I used indigo which I like mixed with alizarin crimson and a touch of raw sienna to give me an "almost" black... I wanted to capture the light at the end of the tunnel so went in with fairly pale washes to start with and built the tone later.  As you can see I added a touch of green to the darks to connect them with the greens in the distance. The walls of the tunnel were quite shiny in parts, not sure if they were wet anyway I tried to capture that too.

One tip is to photograph your work and view it on screen, it's amazing how areas you need to address become so clear.....with this the walls, floor and figure weren't dark enough.

If any of you would like to see more of John's work, here are his links


John is also a member of Paint my Photo


  1. You have captured this image so very well in watercolour Judith, I will follow the link and take a look at his photographs

    1. Aw thanks Lorraine... he really does take some super photos, especially landscapes... I really must get to grip with them as I will have such a choice once I can do them justice~!!

  2. You've captured this brilliantly, love it!

    1. Thanks Margaret, once I worked out how, it just happened... those are the best kind!!

  3. I'll say it again! Wow!

    I just love this one Judith. So many questions about the character in it.
    I find taking a picture helps too - I don't know why you see things you missed when you view it on screen - but you do. My OH always laughs at me when I do it )

  4. Not dark enough! You have got these lovely darks without them becoming muddy. Really works well. There is mystery here and it makes an interesting and dramatic painting.


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