Tuesday, 18 February 2014


I have a few of these images to paint all from Alex Lee Johnson. Again only a resemblance not a full portrait study but I do rather like this one.. I was painting it alongside the eagle last night so have just finished it... can't tell you for sure all the colours I've used as I have stepped outside my usual limit or 4 or 5.. think it is something like this

Alizarin Crimson
Burnt Sienna
Quin Gold
Raw Sienna
Translucent Orange
Cobalt Blue

I didn't do a planet exercise for this.. it was one of those where I didn't always know what my brush was doing!! I might tweak this when I look at it again in the morning or I may feel it is finished....decisions, decisions!!

Hope you like!!


  1. I like it… love the wild hair and the wild colors.

    1. Thanks Elaine.. delighted you like... I like wild colours too!!

  2. The two ladies you have done are unusual and love them both. A Judith lady

    1. Thanks Polly am always trying to find some unusual way of interpreting something and think I've succeeded with these two!

  3. Judith - this is beautiful and I love the style too with all those colors coming together to really set off her lovely face. Hope you are having a great week-end. Thanks too for stopping by to visit me and leave a sweet word.


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