Saturday, 1 June 2013

Are we there yet???

l always remember in the car when I was young and also when my boys were little this being the familiar cry on a long journey especially when there was something exciting to look forward to at the end!! Am still a bit like that even now!!

So I got up early this morning to continue my journey with this testing little piece as I have had some lovely feedback from my online pals both here on my blog, and on my facebook page.

Here is the unfinished one from yesterday

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I knew it wasn't done but I was a touch wary of doing too much more as the colours have been difficult to work with... silly me for choosing them in the first place but ever since I started working intensively with colour I have constantly tried to be inventive and imaginative with their use... sometimes it works, others it doesn't but I do find that when you mix on the paper (and on the brush which I am doing more of these days... makes a mess of the colours in your palette but I like the way it makes different things happen on the paper) you can mix colours together which you would never have dreamed of and the only restriction is you and your desire to step outside the box, use your imagination and try something new!!

I mentioned in the last blog I wanted to use the perylene green again, is does have a soft grey tone to it so not my usual choice but I love this colour and felt it would be good to use in this painting. I mixed a few planets using violet, permanent rose and various shades of yellow together with my green but didn't care for the "mood" they were showing me!!! Didn't like their attitude at all!! So I toned it down and added a second purple shade, more red in tone than the violet and stuck with that.

Adding more to the bg was suggested and I suppose I did really know that's what it needed but the problem with the colours are that they quickly produce a neutral sort of grey which I didn't mind in small areas but still wanted to keep freshness and vibrancy of the already muted palette I was using. I wanted to try and keep the characters of the colours separate while still letting them blend in parts so i did ix more on the paper than on the brush when I went back in.

This has been splattered, salted, sprayed, tickled, teased and tormented to within an inch of it's life. I have thrown everything at it!!! BTW the colours look slightly different but this is truer to the actual painting.

So are we there yet???


  1. Much better! :) The flower looks more fragile. And the background is more interresting. Well done!

    1. Thank you Catherine, yes I like it better now as well.

  2. You made me smile with your "are we there yet?" Something I remember so well. The added bg depth of colour really adds to this Judith

    1. I still get it now Lorraine especially if we are going somewhere exciting.. always looking at my watch, only I don't say it out loud!!! Just think it!!


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