Thursday, 28 April 2016

Back in the Brusho "Zone"

Well to start with this is my second go at this....lost my way with the first having not played with Brusho for a while. I am always torn by whether to use Brusho or watercolour and watercolour always seems to win unless of course I am conducting a workshop and I need to get some practice in.

I have done 3 paintings this afternoon, and 2 not so good until this one which I am quite happy with. The first two were like warm ups to get me back in the zone. I really do need to work more with Brusho, as it is just so satisfying when you get a good result, the challenge being that it is so unpredictable.

I started with a quick sketch and didn't realise I had his nose too long (more of that later) so I plodded on and sprinkled and sprayed to my hearts content!! I keep meaning to photograph these as to sho step by steps but also keep forgetting... one day!! Anyway I painted a few bits negatively and a few positively and it was when I came to the details on his nose, it wasn't working and then of course I realised his nose wasn't right so out came the bleach which I also used with gay abandon and wiped out the right side of his face!!

As the other painting is on the back I had nothing to lose and by working further on pieces the likelihood is you will learn more even if they still don't turn out. In this case I was glad I did as I really quite like the final result....just three colours, orange, brown and a teeny bit of black.

Next will be to try with a different palette and maybe do one or two more animals as the next workshop I am thinking will have an animal theme...can't wait!!


  1. Love this guy I had a lady ask me if I did hair/hares lol but I don't like to do commissions as Im always afraid they won't like it but I relented and did a deceased dog for her to give to her neighbour who recently lost their beloved dog it was such a sad commission being the dog lover that I am the whole time I was torn between grief for the loss of this beautiful animal and the joy that watercolour brings me - anyway he turned out well and the lady who commissioned me loved it and the lady it was for was very teary and Charlie is now hanging proudly and lovingly in their bedroom - anyway the reason for this rambling story is your inspiration esp painting animals I was strictly landscapes as their could be little criticism of my drawing skills which sadly were lacking but ok when it came to trees lol but with you pushing or more kindly put encouraging me to draw and attempt other subjects I now DO DRAW and love doing different subjects. Dogs and birds would be my fav and haven't done many landscapes at all for such a long time. So your gentle and sometimes not so gentle prodding/encouraging/talking up of me has helped me immeasurably in my art and for that I WILL ALWAYS BE GRATEFUL it has opened doors I never thought Id go through :)

    1. Blimey Leona...I do remember our discussions about drawing but didn't realise it has had such an impact...I feel very humbled to be honest. It is so fantastic to hear that anything I have said has made its mark... I knew you could do all the wonderful portraits you are painting now so not much of a surprise to me at all, didn't realise it was such a surprise to you though!! Thank you for your warm comments... made my day!!


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