Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Please Help find Archie

I write this blog with a very heavy heart. What should have been a happy post has sadly turned into a living nightmare but I am posting in the hope that it will be further publicity for our plight.

You may or may not know that my son, partner and granddog Archie moved to Basel in Switzerland in the Spring an we were fortunate enough to visit in June where I celebrated my birthday and we made the acquaintance of their landlord, landlady and lovely dog Carlo, a long haired dachshund.

I took photos of Carlo with a view to painting him as a gift for my son to give their landlords as a small thank you for how good, helpful and welcoming they have been. Their properties are all within a courtyard and they have involved Mark and Steph in many social gatherings and have helped them integrate into life in Switzerland. I will post the painting of Carlo another time but for now there is another reason for this post

Mark and Steph came home last weekend for two weddings. We attended the first on Saturday which was a beautiful occasion in the Trough of Bowland and they were due to travel South for the second wedding on Thursday when they received a phone call on Monday to say Archie had gone missing from the doggy minders (friends of Mark and Steph's) in Basel last Friday evening (31st July), one minute he was on the sofa, the next minute he was gone and having contacted all the relevant people (agencies, police, vets etc etc) and produced posters and advertised on the internet they phoned to let my son and partner know. Obviously we were all distraught and the only plan was for them to catch the first flight back to Switzerland yesterday and continue with the search.

This is Archie

As you can imagine we are all worried sick as he has now been missing for 4 days and though we know he can survive without food for that long and we know he will have access to water as there are many rivers and streams around the area he will be very frightened and will be frantically trying to find them. We are hoping and praying he is still alive and will eventually be found and reunited with them.

Obviously we cannot rule out the possibility that someone has stolen him and I am posting this blog in the hope that everyone who reads may somehow share with anyone and everyone in the hope that someone has seen him and will call Mark or Steph on +41(0)762973605 or +41(0)795014583.  


  1. Oh no… my little dog went walk-about a couple of weeks ago… but was only gone a little over 24 hours as the people who found him called the vet's office from the phone number on his tag. With Archie in a new country, if he has tags they'll not be helpful in Switzerland… I do hope they are able to find him soon… or at the very least that someone kind has taken him in.

    1. Thanks Elaine.... they do have him tagged and chipped in Switzerland, he has also have to be registered so he is fully traceable there as long as someone takes him in somewhere... worries are that he is no longer alive or has been stolen. They have had a spot on the English speaking Basel radio this afternoon so we are hoping that will raise the profile. Trouble is there have been no reported sightings of him since he disappeared.....


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