Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Moving South?!? And the SAA "It's All About Art Event"

You can imagine my surprise when I was in Lytham, puppy walking along the beach and I got an e-mail from the SAA inviting me to attend their "It's All About Art" event in Islington to run some Brusho workshops for them!!

Knock me down with a feather!! As many of you will know I have been very receptive to any offers of work taking me further South but wasn't expecting that one!!

Anyway a few logistics sorted, like how I was going to get there, where was I going to stay etc etc and I am very happy to say I will be at the event running 3 BRUSHO workshops on Saturday afternoon at 1.00/2.00/3.00 pm though I will be there as the event opens in the morning.

Would love to meet any of my "virtual" friends met through my blog and  facebook so if you are "umming and ahhing" about whether to go to the event, make the decision now and pop along on the Saturday!! Come and see me either for a workshop or just to say hello....I don't want to be "Billy-no-mates" twiddling my thumbs!!!

As I said, I will be running 3 sessions each of 45 minutes where I will be going through some of the basics of how to use Brusho and how to get the best out of it!! All materials are included and apparently you will need to get there early to avoid disappointment if you want to book for workshops.

Now as far as I can see, you won't find my name anywhere on the SAA website or on the promotional material for the event (the SAA only highlight their "top" artists!!!) but I promise I will be there and the only one teaching Brusho during the afternoon so it's me or no-one!!!

I'm very excited to be invited to take part in the event, as you all know, I love running workshops and I love going to art events so this sort of  kills 2 birds with one stone!! See you there!!


  1. Hi Judith I must come to this. Are you fixed up for accommodation ?

    1. Yes thanks Helen... have sent you a pm on fb. Lovely of you to offer and hope to see you there!! xx


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