Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Working from my own Photos!!

I have been using my new camera more and more as we walk in the Pennines and am finally getting a few images together that I am inclined to paint and who knows what will happen now I have my new lens!! This is a photo of the Pigeon Tower in Rivington, built on the edge of the Japanese Gardens where Lord Leverhulme had his estate..

This is an interesting one..... it was a snowy scene but hasn't turned out like that....oooops!! But it is a landscape and one which I am not too unhappy with, well if you take the people out!! Trouble was I didn't draw anything and the tower became decidedly wonky and I kept painting over the people, so next time, there will be a teeny bit of sketching!!

Building is a bit overworked but had to correct the lean!! Anyway this is showing promise so I will work on it again. Quite big too, done on 140lb extra rough half imperial Bockingford, might even be tempted to go full imperial next time... trouble is frames are just so expensive for that size and often people don't have space to put them.


  1. I love paintings of the Pigeon Tower and this one's no exception. I think you're being a little over-critical - it looks great, including the building AND the people.

    We live in a beautiful part of the world and it's great that artists such as yourself are taking advantage of it and producing enjoyable art from it.

    I was interested to hear that you didn't do any sketching at all prior to painting and that's something I would really struggle with (although I did rather well in your last workshop without sketching). Most people feel that a good, strong drawing is the very foundation of a good painting (and Graham Berry is testament to that as we saw recently at the Art Club), but you produce many fine works with no pencil drawing at all. I think it's wonderful.

  2. Thanks Tom... will be doing this one again as I think it will work well for a workshop or demo, so will address the issues!! I agree about the drawing but certainly don't want to spend an hour before I get to paint either!! It was very interesting to see how Graham painted... so precise and careful yet they still have a lovey loose feel in parts, not at all how I paint!!

    We do live in an amazing part of the world, I don't think people realise what the countryside is like around this part of the country... I have a few more photos to be getting on with finally trying to get to grips with landscapes!!

  3. The building doesn't look overworked at all. A nice tranquil scene.


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