Sunday, 9 March 2014

Buy a Book Feed a Deer

I have had the honour and privilege of being included in this unique publication and would just like to copy and paste a few words from the book

"The South West Deer Rescue & Study Centre was started by Mike Gage, who has been involved with deer management and conservation for over 35 years, and has built a true bond with all of the SWDRC residents. Caring for orphaned and injured deer of all species, he is the true deer whisperer and relayed tales of sitting in the middle of fields waiting for the deer to surround him. This has enabled him to understand and build a trust with these animals. Mike is a well-known character on Exmoor and indeed, he has some Exmoor deer at the centre; he will not release these deer back to the wild for fear of them being shot or poached . One of his stags has an impressive 31 points on the antlers and is a true giant of an animal. What is even more amazing is the fact that Mike receives no funding of any kind and uses his pension and savings to feed the deer. You can book to visit the centre and it is completely free"

You can imagine there would be no hesitation in many of the artists and photographers from Paint my Photo wanting to be involved in helping such a worthy cause. The book is for sale at an amazingly cheap price of £1.29 for a limited period and has been edited by Roy Simmons and Ruth Archer both of whom play very important parts in the organisation of the Paint my Photo site.

This is my review of the book

First of all look at the price!!! It isn't a case of why buy it far more a case of why wouldn't you buy it! The proceeds will go to the South West Deer Rescue & Study Centre a very worthy cause which is run and financed out of the pocket and pension of Mike Cage, so even if that is not good enough reason, then I need to also mention the content!! This publication is packed full of both wonderful paintings and photos taken from a super site called Paint my Photo, the brain child of Roy Simmons, co-editor of the book. The site is a unique mix of artists and photographers.. the photographers generously give permission to artists to paint their images and this book showcases some of that wonderful collaboration and co-operation. The book features many of the wildlife images and paintings which are part of the daily feast which can be viewed on the site but more than that features an insight into the thoughts behind both the images and paintings with questions and answers from the photographers and artists. There are also a couple of step by step paintings generously supplied by Maria Balcells which in isolation are worth more than the purchase price. If you would like to see a beautiful book full of joy and inspiration, look no further, you will not be disappointed!!! 

The cost of this book is half the price of a cup of coffee, something many of us think nothing of treating ourselves to... believe me this is a much nicer and longer lasting treat!!

Here is the link to buy the book Buy a Book feed a Deer .... hope you will all splash out and in doing so appreciate that each £1.29 will actually help Mike feed his beloved animals and enable him to carry on with the wonderful work he does.... thank you!!




  1. Thanks for this Judith! Very kind.

  2. You are so welcome Roy.... very little effort compared to the work you and Ruth have put in!!

  3. It's a lovely book and worth a lot more money. Beautiful photographs and paintings and interesting comments alongside. Nice to see you in there and that you are helping this charity

  4. I will take a look and congratulations on your support of such a worthy cause.

  5. Dear Judith - will check this out. Living here in the USA we have a tremendous amount of deer as well. Thank you for sharing. Have a beautiful day.


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