Monday, 9 September 2013

Day 9

I have chosen landscapes for the September images in the Loose group and decided to do this one as a tonal study as that is what we will be doing in the first lesson back with my group next week.....

As many of you know I love colour in my work but I also recognise that without good tonal value the painting simply wouldn't work and as you saw in my last post, I often paint from B&W images so that I can work on colour and tone. I will be taking a selection of images for the group to work on and we will be doing a monochrome study so that I can hopefully get the idea across of not being afraid of using really dark colour in a painting and how small touches of darks can really bring a painting to life.

Have also done this 6x4 so that it can be sent to the Running with Brushes charity and of course it is day 9 for the  30 day Painting Challenge..... so many uses for such a little painting!!

Taken from an image by John Robinson


  1. Really effective and a good exercise too. Hard to tell it is only small. A fifth of the way there nearly

  2. Just catching up Judith. I love them all. This one is gorgeous. I love images like this in similar shades.

    Really enjoying seeing your Christmas images - I personally thought the camel was a great idea.


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