Friday, 15 February 2013

All Day Workshops at the Boonric Gallery

Have just come back from a week away including a lovely short break in London. We had been invited to a 50th birthday party and decided to combine it with a visit to family in Newport Pagnell then a trip to see some of the sights and catch up with friends and relatives in London. We have visited some great restaurants in East, Central and West London, one of the highlights of which was a visit to the Chelsea Arts Club where my cousin and husbands are members.... what a wonderful place it is, we loved it (there was an exhibition on at the time) and had a super meal... we will definitely be back given half a chance!!

We also went to a cafe for lunch which a friend has recently opened up at Centrepoint called Damson Cafe. There,  we met up with Helen whom I first met at the Mall galleries at one of Jean Haines' demonstrations so it was lovely to catch up with her again.  Really small world, when my son heard we were going he realised it is just by his offices where he works one day a week, could have been anywhere in London and just so happened to be right outside!! All home made produce there, competitive prices and they are looking to promote their corporate catering side of the business. We spent two other evenings with friends we don't get to see that often and then back to our relatives back in Milton Keynes. We  have been waited on hand and foot and have had a wonderful time!!!

While I was away, I received the posters created to advertise the workshops I will be running in the Summer.

A little while ago Joanne asked me would I be interested in running one or two beginners watercolour workshops at her gallery in Rainford. I was delighted to be asked as I have attended a few sessions run by Joanne and have every respect for her, her painting and teaching methods so was really honoured that she would consider me suitable for running some sessions at her gallery. Bron and I will be there in July and August and as you can see the sessions are very competitively priced and include lunch at the farm. Please get in touch with me if you are interested as I hope the sessions will give you a taste of watercolour and maybe inspire you to take things further. Also if you know of anyone who may be interested I would be grateful if you would pass the details on to them.

Get in touch either here on my blog

via my e-mail

or on the telephone numbers above

Look forward to hearing from you!!


  1. Days full of life and new opportunities coming!
    What a great time.... and a lot of work to think about!
    Good start of the week!Warm hugs,Rita.

    1. Thank you Rita, as you can see I have been very busy and looks like it will be continuing!! All good though and am loving very minute!!

  2. Judith, I just gave you a blog award, hopefully it'll bring new visitors to your blog... check it out here.

    1. Thank you so much Elaine it is an honour for you to nominate my blog and I will nominate my own 5 in the next few days... so many to chose from!!!


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