Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Images from Recent Workshops

I have just received an e-mail from Westhoughton Art Group where they have very kindly "adopted" me as an honorary member!! You may remember, they were one of the first groups I ever visited

Am now a Wag!!

and my workshop was very well received and the group seemed to thoroughly enjoy the session, so much so that they have invited me back several times since. They always make me feel so welcome... feel like I'm a member of their family!!!

Here is the link to the blog where Dave Hendry, who runs the group, has written about my last visit.... who needs testimonials when you have this sort of support!!!

Westhoughton Art Group Blog

I have done this workshop now at a few groups and the results (even though self praise is no praise at all!!)  have been just fantastic and there is often no difference between my painting and the ones the group has done.  One of the main themes is that not one of them would have contemplated the scene on their own but by breaking it down step by step everyone, without exception, has been able to do a very credible version, so you can imagine my delight when I received this e-mail from Dave with his version of events.

Just to show this wasn't a one off wonder, I have some more photos to show you that were done at a group called Paint Pots near St Helen's... this was my first go with this image and both I and the members were delighted with how they turned out!!

As you can see these are all super paintings, apologies to Paint Pots for not featuring them sooner but I did want to deliver the workshop to everyone before I showed any of the paintings to keep the element of surprise and stop anyone being too influenced by what they might have seen.

I think you can see the workshops are going well, I am trying to do a variety of things so sometimes a painting sometimes concentrating on techniques but always trying to inject something exciting where people actually learn things, get light bulb moments and when we do a painting get to produce something they are actually happy with ( and believe me that isn't always easy with some of these members who are so self critical and demanding of themselves!!) However the main thing is that people enjoy and may be inspired to pick up their brushes and get painting!!!


  1. Congratulations dear Judith!
    Really nice works with watercolors:good instructor and good students!
    When the instructor is valuable, like you, the students can do the best and be authentic in expressing themselves.Ciao!!!

    1. Thank you Rita, I was truly delighted with all the efforts on this one... it is a dream of an image to do once it is broken down into small bits.

  2. Must be very rewarding for you to see the excellent results and you seem well thought of, keep up the good work. You sound like you enjoy it. I took my first workshop at my art club in December (I was extremely nervous) but it went ok (or so they said) I lack confidence really and found it a bit of an ordeal. By the way, being an honorary WAG is better than CAC which is our art clubs initials.

    1. I really do enjoy delivering the workshops Polly and like you was very apprehensive at my first but thankfully they loved it and that really gave me the confidence to do more which I have to say are going really well, each group so far has invited me back which must be good sign!!

  3. Well done Judith on your art tutoring I bet it adds a lot of confidence in your own studio work too. Not sure when would be a good time to show others what I do as I cannot always be sure of what I get LOL

    1. It really does help my own work Lorraine, explaining what I'm doing seems to reinforce it in my own head and makes it easier to execute!! I do a lot of practice beforehand to make sure I know what I'm doing and don't attempt to demo anything I'm not confident in delivering. I keep it simple and so far have done 2 complete paintings, the rest of the workshops are about techniques. all good stuff, and great fun... give it a go, nothing to lose!!


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