Saturday, 1 September 2012

Small but Beautifully Formed!!

You may remember in a previous blog, I mentioned I had been given some advice to have some smaller pieces in the exhibition in order to help maximise sales and so I have been concentrating and cracking on with them for the last few days, they are all 11x7 approximately or eighth imperial.... and am now getting them framed ready to show at the end of September... all reference photos are either my own or from PMP

This looks a fearsome character so not sure if it will have much appeal but is to go with the cockerel theme and I wanted one or two close ups as well......

Another rooster which I may just mount as I am running out of frames!! A much simpler piece as I wanted to do a regular looking animal to give a wider choice but may not put this in the exhibition... will see what space there is when I get to have a look round

Have never really done birds before so am certainly getting some practice in now!!

Have never done boats before either but have posted this as one of our images in the Loose group for September so decided to have a go with it myself.

So this is what I've been working on for the last few days, am finding it quite therapeutic working on these smaller pieces, doesn't seem as much pressure as looking at a large piece of paper and have had very little for the bin, so maybe this has been a good move for me, sort of going back to basics as I have been working much larger recently, almost 8 times as big and haven't done anything this size for over a year. So although I have been doing this to offer a wider range of price at the exhibition, it seems to have done me a favour in terms of getting me painting and focusing my attention on the task in hand....... and the fact that they all seem to be working is spurring me on even more (as if I need any encouragement!!!)


  1. These are great! I love the fiercesome cockerel and the boat best. I much prefer smaller paintings to big ones, not just because of the cost but not everyone has great big walls to put big paintings on, however lovely they are! Good luck with the exhibition:)

  2. Thanks Margaret, what a good point have never really thought of that but you are right and a small painting can also be given as a gift without worrying about where someone would put it.

  3. I prefer smaller paintings too, though I would like to try and do some bigger ones, although half imperial would probably be my limit! I've been doing some postcard sized pieces lately for the plein air challenge and have really enjoyed them. Love your cockerels especially the fierce looking one, remind me when this exhibition is as I'd like to come up to see it!

    1. Have also joined the group Sharon but haven't had chance to do any plein air yet... will get some done when I'm away. Half imperial is quite big and it is freeing painting that size but seems to me more can go wrong!!!

      The exhibition is 25th to 29th September, check out

      for the details. Th whole thing is on for 8 week and each week has a different set of artists displaying their work.. looks like a fantastic space which is why I've been painting like mad to get few more ready!!

  4. You've been working hard, Judith! I'm sure you are going to have a greatly deserved success at the exhibition; the paintings are fabulous!! So happy for you!

  5. Yes I have been working hard at getting these paintings done but am not really sure work is the word... seems more like playing, having fun or indulging myself... so has been a pleasure from start to finish and if I ever was to earn anything from doing this it would be the best feeling ever, being paid for doing something you love is just crazy!!! While it would be fantastic to sell something I won't be hugely disappointed if I don't. I'm in a very fortunate position to be able to paint for pleasure and any sales are a bonus but whatever happens I will carry on painting because I just can't help it!!

  6. Your paintings are really super, Judith. I love that first Rooster, a great angle! God Bless PMP ... where would be be without the wonderful photographers!


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