Friday, 27 April 2012

Colour Planets

I spend a lot of time mixing little "planets" to try out different combinations for my work. I just drop paint in wet in dry or wet in wet and leave the colours to mix...... I DO NOT go back in with my brush once the colours are mixing otherwise I start to get mud!!

These planets are an example of what I do, I have pages and pages of these which I can then come back to when I want to see what colours will work well for a particular piece of work...don't worry, I won't bore you with them all!!!!!  These have 3 colours mixed, I do tend to use transparent paint  but I still don't get mud even with opaques or semi opaques. The secret is not to fiddle with it, to let the paint and water do the work on the paper

You can try this with any colours and you will be amazed how many beautiful combinations and effects you can get with colours that would be so dull and uninteresting if you tried mixing them together in the palette.
Give it a go and you will find your work will move on to a different level!!!

Ps if you double click on the images you will be can see the colours used


  1. These little planets certainly helped me with sorting out colour combinations. This is an invaluable tip I learnt from you. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Laura... I have my uses then!!! I still use them or variations on them even now, have just bought some new colours so will be good to have a go with those.

  3. Love your little planets. Personally, I need a rocket, (A big rocket) to force me to experiment like this! Signed - the laziest painter on the planet. lol. THIS planet.

  4. Funny Brian!! But there is method in it and I often do this when I want to paint but maybe am putting off painting something more difficult or can't find anything anything I think I can paint!!!!

  5. Hi Judith, another comment from me! This blog on mud has made me see for the umpteenth time, that I do not have enough PATIENCE to really let the underpainting dry and to leave the paint ALONE! I did know that this is what I should be doing but in future, I will put it to one side and do another wash on a new sheet of precious paper! The planets really helped, thank you! Sue

  6. So right Sue... whoever said patience is a virtue was absolutely spot on!!I do know other people say that mud is caused by mixing too many colours together or by using opaque colours but that never happens with my mixing, it's always if I fiddle or don't leave to dry... glad the little planets have helped!!


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