1. your work is fantastic. l love it.

  2. Thanks for that... would love to know who you are as the comment is showing as anonymous?

  3. Your art if very nice with varied styles and subjects. I hope it's OK to offer you an observation that you often center your objects in the middle of your paper which is often less interesting as a composition. Good luck and keep painting!

  4. Interested in brusho as i have just bought a few to gad they make you loosen up no choice which i guess is good. Shame your brusho workshops are so far away. I live on Exmoor.

    1. I am open to travelling further afield if people can get a few people and venue together. Art groups often invite me to do all day sessions at their premises, which is cheaper for them than all coming to me. Would be happy to come to Exmoor if enough people were interested!!


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